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Plants of Himalayas

Root Ease - Rooting Hormone Powder (50gm)

Root Ease - Rooting Hormone Powder (50gm)

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Boost Your Plant Propagation Success with Root Ease

Struggling to get your plant cuttings to root? Root Ease Rooting Hormone Powder is the solution you've been looking for! This specially formulated powder accelerates root growth, making plant propagation easy and effective for all skill levels.

Benefits of Root Ease

  • Faster Rooting: Promotes rapid root development for quicker plant establishment.
  • Versatility: Works wonders on both hardwood and softwood cuttings, expanding your propagation possibilities.
  • Increased Success Rates: Enhances rooting success for a wider variety of plant species.
  • Simple Application: Easy-to-use dipping process ensures mess-free application.
  • Year-Round Use: Reliable results for successful propagation throughout the year.
  • Improved Grafting: Enhances the success rate of grafting plants for exciting combinations.

How to Use Root Ease

  1. Prepare Your Cutting: Select a healthy stem with at least 2-3 nodes.
  2. Maintain Hygiene: Use a separate container for Root Ease powder to prevent contamination.
  3. Dip & Tap: Dip the cut end of the stem into the powder, gently tapping off any excess.
  4. Planting Time: Plant the treated cutting in a suitable rooting medium and water lightly.
  5. Find the Right Light: Provide indirect sunlight to encourage healthy root development.

Root Ease empowers you to

  • Propagate your favourite plants easily.
  • Experiment with new and exciting varieties.
  • Achieve higher success rates in plant propagation.

Order your Root Ease Rooting Hormone Powder today and start growing your plant collection with confidence!

Shipping and Handeling

  • Order processing: Every order is shipped within 3 days from the order date .
  • Contact customer support in case no communication is received.
  • Logistics partners: Amazon & DTDC, they typically take 5–9 days for plant delivery.
  • Packaging: Plants are shipped in sturdy and breathable packages to ensure they receive proper ventilation and sunlight during transit

Beginners guide

Watering Instructions:

Ensure you water your plants once a week. Always check the soil moisture level by touching the topsoil; it should be dry before watering. For succulents, allow the potting mix to dry out completely before watering again.

Sunlight Requirements:

Position your plant where it receives direct sunlight. Direct light refers to yellow sunlight beams hitting the plant for a minimum of 4 to 5 hours each day.

Pet Considerations:

Please note that this plant is not pet-friendly. Keep it away from your furry friends to avoid any potential issues.

Suitable for Beginners:

If you're new to gardening, this plant is an excellent choice for you. It's beginner-friendly and will thrive as you embark on your gardening journey, learning through trial and error.

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